Sleeve Surgery

I cut my knitting.

Grey knitted sleeve with a hole cut in it and finger poking out of the hole; careful examination shows that circular needles have been threaded through the stitches all the way around the sleeve, above the cut.

Don’t worry, I knew what I was doing!

When I was knitting the garter stitch ribbing for the cuff of the Tangled Yoke sleeve I had some trouble getting gauge. My “in-the-round” gauge was completely different than my flat knitting gauge. I thought I might be able to block the imperfections out, but it was a no go. The cuff kind of wows out when it’s supposed to be a nice gradual increase. I knew I wouldn’t be happy with it.

Two sleeve cuffs, one of which is oddly shaped and has a circular needle threaded through all the stitches just above the ribbing.

The fix was to cut off the cuff and reknit it from the top down since the rest of the sweater is assembled. First I put all the stitches on a 2mm circular needle. I picked up the stitches in the first row of stocking stitch after the garter st rib.

Hand holding a pair of stork-shaped scissors about to cut a stitch in some knitting.

When I was satisfied that I had all the stitches on the needle, I took my scissors and snipped a stitch in the row below the stitches on the needle.

Hand slipped into a sweater cuff that's been separated from the rest of the sleeve; stitches on sleeve are safe on a circular needle.

Then came the unpicking which was a bit tedious, but perfectly safe since all my live stitches were comfortably on the needle.

Sweater sleeve on a circular needle with the separated sleeve cuff sitting next to it.

When the cuff was completely removed from the sleeve I ripped it out.

A pile of kinky, unravelled grey yarn.

At first it was a bit sticky. The mohair content in the yarn was really hanging on to the other stitches. Once I got it going though it was quick work.

Grey yarn wound around a white niddy noddy.

I put the unravelled yarn onto a niddy noddy to help manage it. I tied off the ends by looping them through the skein so it wouldn’t tangle when I took it off the niddy noddy.

A small skein of yarn in a bathroom sink full of water.

Skinny skein hanging from a white hanger on a shower rod.

Into the sink to soak and onto a hanger to dry. Tomorrow I’ll be able to knit the cuff back on and the sweater will be almost finished. I just need some buttons.

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