Applied I-Cord

Taupe coloured hoodie with coral hood, sleeves and kangaroo pocket; hood is framed with taupe i-cord edging.

I did a lot of experimenting with applied i-cord when I was designing the Ruby hoodie. Because the i-cord is a contrasting colour to the hood, I wanted to make sure the other colour wasn’t poking through the i-cord when it was complete. Most of the ones I tried were messy. I finally found the one I was happy with; it neatly encases the selvedge edge inside the i-cord tube.

Step 1:

Double pointed needle resting on a knitted surface with four stitches cast on and a ball of red yarn.

Start the same way you would for a regular i-cord. Using a double-pointed needle, cast on 4 stitches.

Step 2:

Left hand holding needle with cast on and stitches are near right side of needle, with right side facing and working yarn coming from stitch furthest from needle tip.

Slide the stitches to the end of the needle so that the first cast-on stitch is ready to be knit.

Step 3:

Right needle inserted knitwise into first stitch on left needle.

With the working yarn coming from the fourth stitch on the needle and stretching behind the work, insert another double-pointed needle into the first stitch and knit.

Step 4:

Three stitches on right needle and fourth stitch on left needle; below needles the applied i-cord can be seen along the edge of a piece of knitting.

(The next few photos show the i-cord already attached to the selvedge, but the principle is the same.) Knit to the last stitch.

Step 5:

Right needle inserted knitwise into stitch on left needle.

Slip the fourth stitch as if to knit.

Step 6:

Four stitches on right needle with yarn brought to front and held in place by thumb of left hand; empty needle out of focus in background.

Yarn over by bringing the working yarn to the front of the work.

Step 7:

Left hand holding selvedge edge of knitting while right needle has four stitches and yarn has been brought to the front; yellow arrow and circle indicate location to insert needle.

Right needle with four stitches is inserted into the selvedge edge near where i-cord is attached; yarn is at the front after last stitch worked.

To attach the i-cord to the selvedge insert the knitting needle into the space between the selvedge stitch and the next stitch in that same row …

Six stitches on right needle and left hand holding up knitting.

… yarn around the needle and pull a loop through the selvedge as if to knit.

This is usually called “pick up and knit” in most knitting patterns. For the Ruby hoody, you’ll be picking up a stitch every other row on the hoodie selvedge.

Step 8:

You now have 6 stitches on your needle—it’s time to get rid of 2 stitches.

Left needle inserted into second stitch from end on right needle, preparing to pass it over last stitch on right needle.

Pass the ‘yarn over’ stitch over the ‘pick up & knit’ stitch.

Left needle inserted in second stitch on right needle (this was the slip stitch), preparing to pass it over last stitch.

Then pass the slip stitch over the ‘pick up & knit stitch.’

Step 9:

Left hand holding up knitting and showing four stitches on right needle.

You now have four stitches on the needle and you’re ready to start over. Repeat Steps 2 through 8 until your applied i-cord is the length you need.