Hem Replacement

Fingers holding down rolled turquoise hem of a colourful piece stocking stitch knitting.    

Recently, I talked about replacing an intarsia block of colour without ripping everything back.  The Lucy cardigan needed another fix.  The turquoise in the first six rows creating the hem also had to be replaced.

Replacing the Hem

Unravelled hem is in a heap of turquoise yarn and live stitches are one a knitting needle.

I took the time to tediously rip back only to discover that knitting doesn’t easily rip out from the cast-on edge.  Next time I do this I’ll use scissors and cut it off.

Several rows of pink hem have been worked from the top down.

After all the turquoise stitches were removed I placed the live stitches on a needle, joined the pink yarn and started working in stocking stitch.  After six rows were worked, I decided I wanted to try a bind off that looks exactly like a long tail cast on (my favourite cast on).  I knit a tiny swatch and then unpicked the cast-on edge to determine the path the yarn takes.  Out came my trusty tapestry needle and I was able to emulate it.

The Bind Off

Step 1

Yarn extends from first stitch on left needle while tapestry needle is inserted purlwise into first two stitches on needle.

Slip the tapestry needle into the first two stitches on the needle as if to purl.  Pull the yarn through leaving the stitches on the needle.

Step 2

Tapestry needle is inserted knitwise into first stitch on left needle.

Slip the tapestry needle into the first stitch on the needle as if to knit.  Pull the yarn through and drop the stitch from the needle.

Repeat Step 1 and 2 until all the stitches have been removed from the needle.

Fingers hold down pink unrolled hem on a piece of colourful knitting.

This bind off gives the same effect as a long tail cast on. With the turquoise replaced by the pink, I was able to finish off my sweater in time for the Knit-Out last weekend.

Baby cardigan in brightly coloured stripes and purple and pink colour blocks.