Ruby Pocket Part I

I prefer not to sew on pockets. This method for making a kangaroo pocket on the front of the Ruby hoodie pleases me to no end.

Divide Pocket

Step 1

Left hand holding knitting on the needles that's been stopped part way through a right side row.

Work to the point where you want the bottom right corner of the pocket to begin.

Step 2

Left hand is tipping knitting on the needles (mid-row) towards the knitter, so the purl bumps on the back of the work can be seen.

Work a right-slanting raised increase (RRI). To do this, I like to lean my work towards me so I can see the stitches at the back of the needle.

Enlargement of previous image viewing purl bumps on back of knitting while holding with right side facing; yellow arrow and circle indicate the purl bump at the base of the next stitch.

Pick up the purl bump at the base of the next stitch on the left needle—it’s the circled stitch in the photo.

Right needle reaching around the back and inserted into purl bump at base of next stitch on left needle.

Insert right needle into that purl bump from top to bottom.

Left hand holds needles with right needle inserted into stitch in row immediately below next stitch on left needle.

Rotate your work so you’re looking at the front again and knit that stitch on the right needle.

Left hand holds knitting up, showing completed right-leaning raised increase.

RRI completed.

Step 3

Tapestry needle threaded with contrasting yarn is inserted purlwise into next stitch on left needle.

Using a tapestry needle threaded with some contrasting, smooth waste yarn, insert the tapestry needle into the next stitch on your left needle as if to purl.

Tapestry needle is hanging from contrasting yarn that's threaded through a stitch two rows below last stitch worked on right needle.

Pull the tapestry needle through the stitch and drop the stitch off the end of the knitting needle. The stitch is held on the waste yarn. These waste yarn stitches will be worked later to become the pocket front.

Step 4

Right needle is inserted into stitch one row immediately below next stitch on left needle, while tapestry needle is hanging from a contrasting coloured length of yarn.

A length of contrasting yarn threaded through stitches in row immediately below all the stitches on right needle; several stitches on left needle still to be worked.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you have worked all the pocket stitches for the divided pocket.

Step 5

Several inches of stocking stitch knitting on the needles with a length of contrasting yarn threaded through the majority of the stitches in a row closer to the cast on edge.

Continue to work the sweater front in stocking stitch.

The next tutorial in this series shows how to begin working the front of the pocket.