Steam Blocking

I block most of my projects by pinning them out and then spraying them with water. Sometimes I wet block, but really just for lace which I don’t knit very often. Then I watched Annie Modesitt’s video on steam blocking.

I’m loving this new method of blocking! It’s great for swatches and quick things. I’ve yet to decide if I like it for full garments, but it’s very promising.

A hand-held steamer held over a sleeve with lots of ribbing detail; steam billows from the cloth-covered end of the steamer.

I’ve been working on an early Knit Simple design, Ribbed Cardigan for myself between submission projects and other deadlines. The knitting is quick, but the project is coming along slowly because I haven’t been giving it much time.

2021 ETA

This was originally posted in 2012. I’ve since changed my blocking practice. While I still like steam blocking, I use it mostly for button bands and neckbands. I like it for workshop swatches and to see what a stitch pattern will look like. When blocking for gauge or a finished project, I wet block. I love how there’s always something new to learn or discover with knitting. My practice has evolved over the years and I hope, will continue to evolve.