Ruby Pocket Part III

To avoid as many sewn seams as possible, I like join the top of the kangaroo pocket to the Ruby hoodie front by knitting them together.

Since writing this tutorial I’ve used this technique for joining two fabrics together on other projects, too.

This technique is very similar to a three needle bind off, without the binding off part.

Part of the front of a sweater with a kangaroo pocket worked in a contrasting colour ready to be joined at the top of the pocket.

How To

Step 1

Work both the sweater front and the pocket front to the appropriate length on separate needles. See Ruby Pocket Tutorials Part I and Part II for more information.

Knit across the sweater front row to the point where they are to be joined.

Partial row of sweater front is worked and the pocket is completed on a separate needle held in front of the sweater, both with right sides facing and needles held parallel in left hand.

Step 2

With the wrong side of the pocket front facing the right side of the sweater front, hold the two needles parallel.

Left hand holds two needles held parallel, each with stitches on them; right needle is inserted into first stitch on each needle.

Insert the right needle (the one with the stitches from the first part of the row for the sweater front) into the first stitch on both needles.

Left hand holds two needles with stitches, held parallel; right needle is drawing a knit stitch through the first stitch on both needles, similar to a knit two together.

Wrap the yarn around the needle and knit both of those stitches together.

Step 3

Pocket is held in front of sweater front, each on separate needles; right needle shows that the first five stitches of pocket have been joined to sweater front.

Repeat Step 2, joining the next stitch from the pocket and the sweater front together until you run out of pocket stitches.

Step 4

Knit to the end of the row working on just the sweater front stitches.

Sweater front with armhole shaping just completed on the needles; on the lower section of the piece there's a kangaroo pocket that's been joined with knit stitches and the side seams are left open.

Continue working sweater front.

Check out the tutorial on seaming the side seams of the pocket.