Japanese Short Rows


Green swatch on the needles that clearly shows the top row is at an angles to all the rest because of short rows.

Japanese short rows are my favourite method for working short rows. They use less yarn than the wrap and turn method, resulting in an almost invisible turn.

Need a pattern to practice this new technique? Try out the Ebb & Flow blanket from my book, Tempest. It’s the perfect beginner’s project for practicing short rows.

Cozy blanket with graceful curving lines available in three sizes.

Ebb & Flow blanket knitting pattern (baby, lap, throw) by Holli Yeoh | Tempest book


Eventide was also mentioned in the video. The shoulders and back neck are shaped using short rows.

Eventide chevron pullover knitting pattern by Holli Yeoh | Tempest book


Japanese short rows can be substituted in any pattern that calls for the wrap and turn (W&T) technique.