At the age of 16, Holli spent her savings on a Ralph Lauren argyle sweater and decided she wanted a pair of gloves to match. A dedicated do-it-yourselfer, she headed to the LYS and found perfectly matching Kroy fingering yarn and a Patons pattern. It didn’t even enter her mind that it might be difficult to knit gloves worked in intarsia. She just did it.

Years later at a knitting retreat, Holli’s mother was describing Holli’s precociousness as a knitter to the gathering and her pride that Holli would presume to knit argyle gloves and succeed. It was the first time Holli had seen her accomplishment through her mother’s eyes and recognized that her flair for knitting might be notable.

You can read more about Holli’s knitting experiences and her design adventures  on her blog. You will find her as HolliYeoh on RavelryInstagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Visit with her as she shares with you her insights into the pleasures of knitting and design.


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