Fearless Knitting with Lucy Neatby

Have you ever taken a class with Lucy Neatby? If not, then you must! I’ve been known to travel to other cities and provinces to attend her workshops! Lucy now has three Craftsy classes, so she can come to you in the comfort of your own home. I just finished watching her most recent Craftsy class—Fearless Knitting: Empowering Techniques for Every Knitter—and it’s as wonderful as I expected.

Lucy Neatby | Craftsy

Lucy’s goal is that you’ll never miss an opportunity to fearlessly fix your mistakes.

She guides you through making sense of what your stitches are doing and how they’re formed. Once you understand the anatomy of a stitch, you’ll be in an informed position to correct your mistakes. Once you’re able to read your knitting, you can tackle many challenges.

Lucy’s classes are always entertaining and her Craftsy class is no exception. Her humorous vernacular helps you understand and remember what she’s teaching.

The Dreaded Elevens | Lucy Neatby on Craftsy

Just what are the “Dreaded Elevens?” Lucy will introduce them, explain why you don’t want them (and why they’re dreaded),  and show you how to prevent them.

Naturally Lucy demonstrates the correct way to accomplish the techniques she’s teaching, but she also shows what mistakes look like. She helps you identify them as you’re going along and how to avoid their pitfalls.

The later lessons build upon the techniques that were taught in the earlier lessons.

Lucy leaves you with the advice that “you’ll learn more by fixing than if you just rip back.” After taking the class, you can feel brave and in charge of your stitches.

“You’re the boss!”

I’m running a giveaway contest on both Instagram and the blog for a chance to win Lucy’s Fearless Knitting class on Craftsy for free. To enter, leave a comment here, telling me what scares you about knitting. The contest closes on Sunday, November 8.

For a second chance to win, pop over to Instagram, find my post about Lucy’s class, and leave a comment tagging a friend who could also benefit from taking Lucy’s class.

Edited to add: Thank you for playing along. @lgafa on Instagram is the lucky winner.

Find Lucy on your favourite platform or website.

Lucy’s website: Lucy Neatby Designs
Instagram: @lucyknit
Twitter: @LucyNeatby
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Ravelry: LucyN




  1. I have become an avid LucyN fan… Her classes always offer a new insight or two, making the complex world of knitting much more understandable.

  2. Trying to interpret knitting patterns on my own and not as part of a class. Shop owners won’t help you if you didn’t buy the pattern and/or yarn from them which is now restricting my shopping during travel.

  3. What scares me most in knitting are instructions that tell me to pick up stitches without specifying how many stitches to pick up.

  4. One of my fears is making a mistake and not seeing it. I am such a perfectionist that I have been known to rip my knitting out even if I am almost finished just to fix the darn mistake!

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