Blog Tour Wrap-Up

Tempest | a collection of 11 knitting patterns designed by Holli Yeoh for SweetGeorgia Yarns

Have you been entering the giveaways and following along with the Tempest blog tour? Yesterday was the last stop on the tour at MisoCraftyKnits.


I must confess reading everyone’s reviews gave me warm fuzzy feelings for the past few weeks. Such lovely words!

Kate AtherleyI love that everone took a different approach with their Tempest post. Kate Atherley, a.k.a. Wise Hilda was our fabulous tech editor and she took the opportunity to talk about what it’s like to do the tech editing on a large project, like a book.


Donna Druchunas and Stephannie Tallent interviewed me and they both had excellent questions. Each of their posts shines a different light on me and the collection.

California Revival Knits by Stephannie Tallent Hitch edited by Stephannie Tallent The Wild West by Stephannie Tallent

When I was in California with the trunk show I had the opportunity to meet Stephannie Tallent. She drove to Santa Monica to see me and we had an amazing visit and meal together. It was wonderful to talk shop with another knitting book author with several books to her name.

Tricksy Knitter blog tourMeghan of Tricksy Knitter had her followers vote on their favourite projects in the book. There was a slight departure from the Ravelry audience with Eventide coming in first, followed by Haven and then Procella. Meghan’s working on a big, secret project which sounds like it will result in another book for our knitting community. Yay!


Hunter, a veteran author with seven knitting books under her belt (Go check out Hunter’s book, Curls: Versatile, Wearable Wraps that she just published last month) offered high praise, indeed:

The garments all manage that magical casually elegant vibe.  They are the sort of pieces you can imagine wearing just about anywhere, which means you’ll wear them everywhere.

Knitting At Large

My new web design and logo are the work of Julie Matthews who is also known for her Knitting at Large group on Ravelry and website. How great is that to have a web designer who is also a knitter! She’s been wonderfully supportive of me and because I included a wide array of sizes in the garments, I really wanted Julie to take a look at the book.

Very Shannon

Fellow west coast designer, knitting book publisher and blogger, Shannon Cook graciously agreed to host us on her very popular blog, Very Shannon. We had coffee together afterwards when I was visiting Victoria and she told me how she had so much fun putting together the photo collage for her post.

Lucy NeatbyLucy Neatby and I go way back. When I first began writing patterns I really studied Lucy’s approach. What really stood out to me was her attention to detail and that’s been my personal motto ever since. Go check out Lucy’s post to see a picture of me taken as we enjoyed the midnight sun in Yellowknife during a knitting retreat over 13 years ago.


Stitch SproutsSo many of the reviewers are “dye” hard fans of SweetGeorgia Yarns—but really, who isn’t? It was wonderful meeting new people and having them take a look at look at what I do. And more interesting for me to take a look at what they do! Heather Zoppetti is a prolific designer and book author and is the owner and founder of Stitch Sprouts, a pattern and yarn distribution company.

Anniken AllisI first met Anniken Allis when we were both published in Classic Elite Shawls, Wraps & Scarves. Since then I’ve been amazed at the sheer volume of new designs she comes out with on a regular basis! Just last month she self-published five designs and four more were released in other publications. Go look at her Ravelry designer page to see her full portfolio.

More Giveaways

There are still a couple of opportunities to win a giveaway copy of the book. Be sure to check out posts by Knit Social and MisoCraftyKnits. They both have such wonderful things to say and it humbles me and makes me proud all at the same time!

I love how this book has provided me with opportunities to make connections with other designers and forge new friendships.

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