A Tempestuous Year

Tempest knitting pattern book by Holli Yeoh

What an exhilarating ride this has been. It was about 11 months ago* that I conceived of the idea of working on a book with Felicia, featuring SweetGeorgia Yarns. Every step of the way was more work than I thought it would be, but I have absolutely no regrets and I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

Swatch for Seaswell cardigan knitting pattern by Holli Yeoh

I swatched ideas and drew designs for a couple of months. Then we had several meetings deciding on just the right collection of patterns that would communicate a cohesive story of blustery ocean waves and how we shelter ourselves from the storm. Once we had our core pieces, every few days I would add another one!

SweetGeorgia Yarns used in Tempest book by Holli Yeoh

Felicia has such an intimate knowledge of her yarn bases and colours that I was thrilled to have her input and guidance on the right choices. I had the luxury of working with two new yarn bases that were released this fall—Superwash Six and Silk Fog—as well as many favourites including Tough Love Sock, Trinity Worsted, Silk Mist, BFL Sock, Superwash Worsted, Merino Silk Fine and I can’t forget the CashLux Fine. It’s a treat to work with any one of those yarns, much less all of them.

Colour palette for Tempest by Holli Yeoh

The colour palette is so gorgeous and they’re all colours that I love. It’s going to be hard to refrain from wearing the pieces while I keep them pristine for the trunk shows!

Tempest is now a real book and I’m an author! I’m so looking forward to seeing all of the projects created from patterns in the book. Be sure to keep in touch and share.

*This post originally appeared on tempestknit.com on October 15, 2014. The content from that website is being transferred over to this website.

You can find the Tempest e-book here and the individual patterns here.

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