Avery Big Kid Errata

Note the pattern number on the bottom right-hand corner of the cover page. The first number refers to the pattern and the number after the decimal is the numbered revision (e.g. #24.2 is Avery Big Kid, revision number 2). Corrections are listed by most recent revision number. Text in red is the corrected wording.

#24.2 revised on April 2, 2014

650 (730, 835, 965, 1110) yd [595 (670, 765, 885, 1015) m] solid (MC)
540 (610, 685, 755, 845) yd [495 (560, 630, 695, 775) m] self-patterning (CC)

A confusing typo in the Bias Bind Off inset box on page 4 was removed. The second line of the second paragraph should read:

slip the last st in the row before the bind off. At beg

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