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Knit City Recap and New Patterns

Happy Hallowe’en! We had a little fun during a photo shoot last week!

Knit City Recap

What an exciting, exhiliarating, exhausting weekend! I’m still high on the fumes of fibre and the contagious excitement that was all around me. One knitter visiting my booth was clutching her heart (in a good way) because she was just so excited by the atmosphere and what she was seeing.

I taught classes to wonderful students, met with new and old friends and fondled yarn all weekend long. I helped knitters find their true potential with seaming, inserting zippers and finding their way to becoming published designers. I enabled a few knitters with patterns, yarn and kits. And most importantly I had some fabulous conversations with so many knitters.

Cascadia photos by Alexa Ludeman © 2013 and used with permission.

The print version of Cascadia was available this weekend at Knit City and I got to meet so many of the other contributors. We ran around all weekend treating the book like a year book and signed one another’s copies. It was great fun.

New Patterns

We also had a “soft” release of eight—count them, EIGHT—new patterns on the weekend. Thank you everyone for being so receptive and offering great feedback on the new patterns.

For the first eight days of November, beginning tomorrow November 1st, we’ll be releasing a new pattern each day. The patterns will be available in our Ravelry shop and we’ll post about them here on the blog. You don’t need to be a Ravelry member to buy them.