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Zig and Zag Baby Blanket

#15 Zig and Zag designed by Holli Yeoh from 60 Quick Baby Blankets, published by Sixth&Spring Books. Photos by Jack Deutsch copyright © 2013 by Sixth&Spring Books/Cascade Yarns. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

I got to work with a wonderful selection of colours for one of my baby blanket contributions in 60 Quick Baby Blankets: eight heathered shades of purples, greens and teals in the Cascade 220 Superwash collection.

I particularly love the modular construction of this blanket. There are only 14 sts in each row which you can work with your favourite needles: double-pointed, straight or circular. The chevron shapes are worked by increasing along one edge and decreasing on the other edge for every right side row.

Joining one modular strip to the next is not complicated. Next time I’ll have a tutorial for some of the techniques in this blanket.

While the back side is definitely the back, it is still appealing with the strong lines created by the selvage edges. When I studied jewellery in art college, my instructor  stressed the importance of making the back side of a brooch or the inside of a ring just as attractive as the other side. It demonstrates good craftsmanship. I carry that advice with me and apply it to anything I make.

Really, the only drawback to this design is all the ends. But you could easily circumnavigate that problem by choosing a different yarn. How about a self-striping yarn or one with a slow gradation of colour like Noro. Some of the gradient and ombre yarns could make for some really interesting effects.

When I submitted designs for the book project I offered some other examples of both colourways and orientation of the chevrons. I particularly like the grey and white one. I see it in a light heathered grey and natural cream colour with hits of bright heathered colours. The colourful version would be a great stash buster.

book: 60 Quick Baby Blankets: Cute & Cuddly Knits in 220 Superwash® and 128 Superwash® from Cascade
publisher: Sixth&Spring
paperback, 176 pages


6 thoughts on “Zig and Zag Baby Blanket”

    1. The pattern is available in 60 Quick Baby Blankets published by Sixth & Spring Books. Ask for it as your local yarn shop or book shop. Online retailers such as Amazon carry it or you can go directly to the publisher to purchase it.

  1. Hello Holli,

    I really love this blanket, but I don’t want to buy a whole book for one pattern. Is there any way to buy this pattern by itself? Thanks so much!


    1. So far the publisher hasn’t released the patterns individually. You could try borrowing the book from your local library or having them bring it in on an inter-library loan.

  2. Hello again,

    I got the pattern. Now, I am trying to figure out how much yarn I need. I counted the number of tiles for each color and the numbers vary. Also, I do not use yarn made from animal fibers and the yarn that I have chosen is 82 yards per skein. So, the number of skeins that I will need are different from those using the Cascade 220 Superwash yarn. Could you help me out? Do you know how many yards of each color you used for this blanket? Thanks so much for your help!


    1. I think I probably used approximately half a skein of each colour but don’t hold me to it!

      It’s not necessary to stay faithful to the colour placement as printed in the pattern. Feel free to randomly grab a ball from your basket or knitting bag. You’ll use approximately the same amount of each colour that way.

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