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March was a busy month

March was very busy. Lots of yarn arrived at my house only to leave again in short order knitted into garments for upcoming publications.

I sent out six or seven pieces throughout the month. Now I’m recuperating!

Actually, no rest yet. I have one more piece pending that’s proved to be a little more challenging than anticipated. The lovely authors have kindly agreed to let me rework the project so it’s the best it can be. What luxury to have a deadline extended!

Added to all the calculating, writing and knitting, my computer chose this time to die. You know it’s never as easy as buying a new computer and being up and going instantly. There were problems with my backups. In the grand scheme of things the problems were minimal, but they took my valuable time to solve.

We also went out of town for a week for Spring Break. We vacationed on Vancouver Island this year visiting Bear Mountain near Victoria and then on to Tofino and Ucluelet ending our stay at one of our favourite resorts, Black Rock Resort.

Even with relaxing visits to the beach and rain forest as well as some great meals and snacks I managed to knit much of the time.