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About two years ago I decided to dedicate a year to submitting designs for books and magazines. I wanted to experience the process and grow as a designer. That first year quietly expanded and became two years. And really, I needed to see the fruits of my efforts. Some calls for submission are sent out so far in advance of the publication date that at the end of the first year, I only saw two of the designs in print. Almost two years later I have a better sense of that first year.

It was quite a year with eight designs accepted for four publications (click on the pictures for more info about each design). I feel good about the results. They seem pretty good for someone who just entered the submission game.


What I discovered is:

  • I’m not going to run out of ideas. That’s always been a secret fear of mine.
  • I can be phenomenally productive when I have a deadline.
  • I’m not good with self-imposed deadlines.
  • I feel like a zombie after a deadline has been met. It takes a few weeks to get back up and running again.
  • I can postpone the feeling of lethargy and creative exhaustion by having another deadline lined up.
  • There’s little time for my own projects if I’m constantly submitting designs.

One more thing I’ve discovered is that I enjoy submitting designs, most especially when they are accepted and I get to knit them up. My experimental year, which turned into two years has convinced me to carry on with this kind of work. I’m loving it.

2 thoughts on “Assessing”

    1. Thanks Anni. True, non-stop deadlines are also exhausting. I think the part I like least though is waiting for the yarn to arrive when I have several deadlines on top of one another. I agree to the job not realising that I’ll be waiting a few weeks for yarn. The SoHo folks are always so great at sending the yarn right away that I forget that not all publishers are able to do that.

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