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Lady Emmeline

The new issue of Petite Purls is up and it includes one of my latest patterns: Lady Emmeline. The rich, visual texture of the two slipped-stitch patterns paired with the royal colourway really felt like fabrics that a French courtesan might wear.

(Petite Purls is not longer available, but the pattern is still available through me.)

I recently read a book where the characters were introduced to King Louis XIV at Versailles. In addition to the excessive meals and opulent costumes, the gardens were also described in detail. I could just imagine a little girl of the aristocracy exploring the gardens in her brocade outfit.

The colourwork is achieved through simple slipped-stitch patterns. Only one colour per row is used and there’s no stranding. Easy peasy! It’s the subtleties of the two different slipped-stitch patterns I adore. The three-in-one pattern looks like little Fleurs-de-Lis when knit bottom up.

Yet the lattice stitch pattern looked so much better to me when worked top down. It creates little curved shapes that look a bit like fish scales. This interesting quandary had me devise a way to get the most out of each stitch pattern.

I used a provisional cast on at the high waist and worked the bodice up to the shoulders. Then the provisional cast on was removed and the live stitches were picked up with everything ready to work down to the hem. In an effort to eliminate shaping problems on the side seams of the a-line skirt section it’s all worked in one piece and the shaping is achieved through working with progressively larger needles. I love this approach to shaping.

The yarn is Tough Love Sock by SweetGeorgia in Goldmine and Amethyst. I was wonderfully lucky to have Felicia’s input in the colour selection.

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  1. Your sweater-coat is absolutely gorgeous, Holli. The buttons are perfect, too. I can imagine the lucky little girls who will have someone knit this for them. The Sweet Georgia yarn is so nice to work with, as well.

  2. Just popped over here from Sweet Georgia’s blog. This is an absolutely stunning design!! So detailed, rich, and alive with colour. Beautiful work!

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