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Rock ‘n Knit

One of the pieces in the exhibit, Low-Tech Factory offers a new interpretation on the rocking chair and on knitting. The chair is all about productive relaxation—the movement of the chair operates a simple circular knitting machine that produces a toque.

Artists Damien Ludi & Colin Peillex. Photo © Nicolas Genta. Image courtesy of ECAL.


While I’m intrigued by this project, I do find it curious that the students of the University of Art and Design Lausanne (ECAL) paired two stereotypical grandmotherly attributes: the rocking chair and knitting. To be fair, the people the artists chose to be photographed or filmed with the artwork are not women. Why is it that people—non-knitters and even some knitters—seem to constantly want to perpetuate the myth that knitting is only for grannies. I’m no granny and I love to knit!

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