design process

Reversible Cable Vest

There are so many ways to wear the reversible cable vest I designed for Noro Magazine. The wave cable stitch pattern is quite simple without any cross overs and while it’s the size of a small blanket you can wrap its cozy warmth around yourself in a number of different ways.

You can wear it “inside-out” and let the cable patterning show on the lapels when they flip back. Pin it in place with a stick pin at waist level or a kilt pin just under the breasts. Pin it high up near your shoulder and fold over a little flap for an interesting neckline.

I think it’s most stylish when the back neck is folded over like a shawl collar. It adds some structure and I like the gently dipping back neckline.

The vest looks great belted and don’t forget to try it with the cable pattern showing on the outside with the folded back lapels showing the more subtle undulating pattern of the “wrong side” of the fabric. The lapels don’t need to be folded back symetrically either, on colder days keep one lapel wrapped around the front chest and flip the other lapel back for a jaunty look.

For a funnel neck effect, don’t fold the back neck down and pin the fronts together just above the collar bone.

What’s your favourite look for this versatile vest?