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The Yarn Arrived

On Thursday (when I wasn’t at home) Fedex tried to deliver the yarn for the book projects I’ve been working on. I arranged to pick up the package on Friday to avoid another missed delivery. You know that even if I stayed home all day and only went out to pick up my son from school, that’s when they would decide to deliver the yarn, right?

I’ve swatched my stitch patterns in a couple of different needle sizes. I had to go up one size larger than expected. Good thing I didn’t just launch into the knitting!

Now I’m working on the first project. It’s an interesting construction and I’m excited to see it come together.

My friend Astor just told me about Three Bags Full‘s recent ShopCast featuring two of my designs. Christa starts talking about Ruby and One! Two! Three! at about the 6:21 mark of the video—feel free to skip ahead.

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