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Rockin’ Sock Club

Up until now I’ve never joined a sock club or participated in a knit along. Am I missing out?

So this year I decided to join the Rockin’ Sock Club by Blue Moon Fiber Arts—of course you know that they dye the fabulous Socks That Rocks yarn. To date I’ve received two packets of yarn and patterns in the mail … then I realised that unless I want to accumulate more stash, I need to start knitting. By the way, I LOVE Tina’s colourways so far. It’s quite a thrill having someone else choose my colours for me.

Last night I cast on for the first month’s socks. We had a choice of patterns and I chose the one with stranded work. I admire other knitters’ even tension and gorgeous creations. It’s time I got over my personal hurdle of working with two strands and practice.

I’m using the magic loop technique and it’s not too bad so far. The tension is a bit wobbly at the end of the round but I’ll keep practicing and I’m hoping by the end of the first sock to have the problem licked.

Are you a member in any sock/yarn/lace/fibre clubs?