Newfoundland Bubble Mittens

A couple of weeks ago Devan lost his (my) Newfoundland trigger mitten at school. We’ve scoured the school top to bottom and checked the lost and found repeatedly. No mitten. I wore these mittens when I was his age, living in Newfoundland.

I needed a knitting project for a weekend trip to Whistler so … new mittens. When I was researching the trigger mitten blog post I came across Newfoundland bubble mittens. I don’t remember them from my childhood but they looked fun to knit. I read through a couple brief patterns¬† (CreativeWhimsy and Maggiknits) and grabbed some worsted yarn and my needles before we left.

We stayed with a large group of friends and they were amazed to watch the yarn turn into a pair of mittens. (Obviously no knitters in their families!)

Devan had new mittens by the end of the weekend. He decided he would like the colours reversed for the second mitten so they are a mismatched set that he’s been proudly wearing ever since.

Project Stats
Pattern: a little bit of CreativeWhimsy, a bit of Maggiknits and a bit me
Yarn: Cascade 220 in yellow (7827) and Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Superwash in charcoal (29)
Challenges: I kept on underestimating the size of Devan’s hands. I think I reknit the top and thumb three times!