Amigurumi Wrap Up

Crochet lends itself so nicely to making three-dimensional stuffed creatures. The denser fabric—especially when working on a smaller hook—really creates a firm structure that doesn’t stretch out of shape when stuffed. Consequently the finished stuffies aren’t floppy.

I mentioned before that I found a wonderful set of published patterns by Michelle Rheaume featuring some of the characters from the Nintendo Mario Brothers video games. Michelle’s patterns are for sale in her Etsy shop, Michelle Rheaume Designs. My little Mario fan received the rest of the series for Christmas.

Devan’s collection of Mario memorabilia now boasts a miniature Mario, Boo and a mushroom plus the Piranha Plant he received for his birthday. My plan was to give him a whole crop of mushrooms, but time was not on my side. Maybe later.

Not to be left out, my husband also enjoys video games and like so many others spends a lot of time playing Angry Birds on his iPhone. “Santa” left a little something special in his stocking.

The pattern by Karla Fitch is free and on Ravelry. It’s called Angry Birds Cardinal. I see that she’s recently published yellow bird and pig patterns too. Once my husband and son find out I’m sure I’ll be adding to the series soon!

All amigurumi characters were made with acrylic yarns I found at Michaels. I selected them based on colour. If you want exact details check out my projects on Ravelry at HolliYeoh.

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