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The Next Generation

Another crop of crafters are well on their way to finding their true passion. Noon-hour classes at my son’s elementary school have been keeping me busy.

My 7 and 8-yr-old knitters just love the sparkly knitting needles I made for them out of double-pointed needles. A couple of beads hot-glued onto one end and voila, the perfect length needles for little hands.

It never ceases to amaze me the way my crochet students have adapted their crocheting technique to something they can understand. It looks bizarre the way they create the stitches but the results are the same and they are crocheting.

What’s particularly interesting is that almost all of them adapt the technique in the same way from class to class. It must be something about how a child’s brain is wired.

We made paper beads last week in the jewellery class. The girls were so proud of the beads they made. They’ve been excited with every project so far. I think this class is a hit.

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  1. Holli, looks like things are really going well in your classes. I love the knitting needles. Looks like you are a hit. Maybe you´ll have to branch out and start teaching classes in other schools. What fun


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