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Busy Little Elf

When I’m quiet it usually means I’m busy, especially at this time of year … busy working on Christmas preparations and gifts.

We have a Harry Potter fan in our household and when I innocently sounded him out he seemed quite smitten with the idea of having his very own Weasley sweater. Of course, I didn’t think to ask until the beginning of December. That seems to be how I operate when it comes to Christmas presents.

A quick order placed with Elann and two days later it was on the needles (boy, they’re fast!). I sneak in a few rows when Devan’s not at home or in the evenings when he’s asleep. The last sleeve is in the works so I’ll have no problem finishing it off.

As I’ve mentioned before, video games are an all consuming theme in the life of my 9-year-old. Devan loved the Piranha Plant I made for his birthday. I’m now working on an amigurumi Mario, Boo and mushroom using patterns from the same designer, Michelle Rheaume.

Devan’s not the only one who loves video games, my husband has been playing Angry Birds on his iPhone. Someone, I think it was Amy Singer, tweeted about a free angry bird pattern on Ravelry. So now that’s also in the works. I need to complete it before school’s out because I want Devan to be surprised too and I can’t work on it at night when my husband’s home. I better get cracking!

How are you holiday projects coming along?

5 thoughts on “Busy Little Elf”

  1. Oh, you’re making the Angry Bird………. JR is waiting for the man from China to deliver his angry bird stuffie (it’s a long story) and of course, there’s no Angry Bird on the way. Then I saw this pattern but I haven’t gotten around to getting the right colours to try it out for him. Did it take you long?

  2. Hello I am new to knitting and was wondering on how you did the ‘D’ on the sweater? it’s funny happy at the same time because the sweater that you made is almost exactly like I am going to do my colors are just a tad darker…what yarn did you choose to use?
    thanks Darcy!

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