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Shall I Knit You a Hat? – Children’s Book

Just in time for the season, a sweet Christmas read about a little rabbit’s DIY approach to gift giving. Shall I Knit You a Hat? is “a Christmas yarn” written by Kate Klise and illustrated by her sister, Sarah Klise.

Mother Rabbit hears about a big blizzard coming on Christmas Eve and Little Rabbit asks her to knit him a hat to keep his ears warm. He loves his hat so much that wears it at the supper table.

Then Little Rabbit worries that all their friends will get cold in the blizzard and asks Mother Rabbit if she’ll knit them hats as gifts. They work together to secretly obtain everyone’s measurements. Little Rabbit designs the hats to appeal to each of his friends’ whims.

“The cat’s hat must be smart and stylish, just like she is,” Little Rabbit said. “The goose’s hat will have a long scarf that wraps around her neck. The horse’s hat should be part blanket so he can sleep in the snow. And the dog’s hat must have an extra-long tail that looks pretty when it blows in the wind.”

When the Rabbits’ friends opened their gifts and tried on their hats they looked less than grateful. Luckily the Rabbits didn’t notice because they had to hurry home as the first snow began to fall.

However, as the weather worsened, the friends all began to appreciate the thoughtful gifts that were keeping them cozy and warm and appealed to their sensibilities. They quickly hurried after the Rabbits to thank them with the squirrel chiming in,

“This is the nicest, most thoughtful Christmas present anyone has ever given me.”

Filled with a sense of giving, the Rabbits celebrate Christmas Eve at home together.

Title: Shall I Knit You a Hat?
Author: Kate Klise
Illustrator: M. Sarah Klise

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    1. This was one of our bedtime reads tonight. Even though my son is 9 now, he still enjoyed the story.

  1. Have you ever read Socks for Supper. It is another children’s book that features knitting. It is out of print now but still a sweet story.


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