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Friday Finds – Upcycled Knitting Needles

Remember those vintage plastic knitting needles? I have a few in my stash that were my Mum’s and might have even been my Grandma’s. Australian artist Liana Kabel breathes new life into them along with other bits of plastic and tupperware.

Liana Kabel toys with nostalgia and the domestic sphere while transforming homecraft items and tupperware into contemporary jewellery.

Liana sells her pieces in her Etsy shop. You can read more about Liana and her work on her website and  her blog.

(Nigel, this one’s for you!) Not to be left out, manly bangles are also available in larger sizes.

All images © Liana Kabel and used with permission.

2 thoughts on “Friday Finds – Upcycled Knitting Needles”

  1. hmmm, if I could afford it. My birthday is coming up, and it is a significant one…
    I’m having a great time at the mens retreat. Won lots of hanks of sock yarn specifically designed for the retreat called ” it’s Raining Men”.

  2. OK – these are just amazing! I am sure there are millions and millions of knitting needles and tupperware containers available in thrift stores – endless supply of resource! What a brilliant gal.

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