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Friday Finds – Jewellery for Knitters

I worked for a number of years as a jeweller and jewellery instructor after graduating from art college. While I love knitting, at times I do miss working with metal. I can sometimes fill that need by looking at what other jewellers are making. What particularly intrigues me now is jewellery made with knitters in mind.

Harborside Treasures earrings

Recently I bought these delightful earrings which look like balls of sterling silver wool as a birthday present for my Mum. I purchased them on Etsy from Elizabeth of Harborside Treasures. Living on the west coast of Washington,  Elizabeth is inspired by nautical themes and her knotted line series translates so nicely as balls of yarn. While I was placing the order, I picked up a pendant for myself and I’m loving it.

Harborside Treasures pendant

Here are a few more favourites from my list of Etsy finds:

wearthou ring

thatwhichisnot pendant

  • [that which is not] offers small, brightly glazed porcelain pendants that hang on a ball chain. My favourite is the clementine orange one with a black line drawing of a ball of yarn and knitting needles. You can order them in different colours.

All photos are published with permission.

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