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Sweet Georgia Yarn

NewMoon Pomegranate
New Moon Studio: Porcelain Pomegranate

I’ve been partial to pomegranates ever since I was a child visiting Dominica in the Carribean with my family. I loved picking the little seeds out and eating them one by one.

pomegranate skeins

I became even more intrigued with the pomegranate when I traveled to Granada, Spain in my early 20s. I saw pomegranate motifs everywhere I looked: in the mosaic sidewalks and as architectural motifs.

It occurred to me that Granada must mean pomegranate and indeed it does: Granada was named for the fruit during their Moorish occupation.

pomegranate on swift

I love the shape, flavour and colour of pomegranates.

pomegranate cakes

A couple weeks ago I visited Felicia of Sweet Georgia Yarns in her studio and we were selecting yarn for the triangle design I’m working on. She showed me a new colourway with reds and pinks and browns and I fell in love. Felicia had the yarn dyed and ready for me within a couple of days.

pomegranate labels

It wasn’t until I was winding the balls and admiring them that I noticed the name of the colourway on the label: Pomegranate. Of course, that explains it!

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