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Pa Jinglebob

Pa Jinglebob is a gruff, surly sheriff in a rough western town. He’s also a single dad and … a knitter.

The town’s folk grumbled,

What a joke! A sheriff who knits woolly sweaters?

Pa Jinglebob 1

Whoever heard of a knitting sheriff?

Big sissy knitting sheriff …

Pa Jinglebob 2

When bandits come to town and all Pa Jinglebob does is knit, the townsfolk get quite frustrated. Only they don’t know that the sheriff has a plan.

Pa Jinglebob manages to capture the bandits and keep the peace with his knitting.

His proud daughter, Jemima says,

Now who’s a sissy sheriff? … My pa is the smartest, toughest sheriff in the whole West.

Title: Pa Jinglebob: The Fastest Knitter In The West
Author: Mary Arrigan
Illustrator: Korky Paul