Holli Yeoh, design process

Juggling Act

henley zigzag crewneck

How many designs are safe to juggle at the same time? I’m working on three sweaters I designed some time ago for Skacel (those pictures are of my original samples). The rights have reverted back to me so now I’m permitted to publish them. But first, I want to tweak them with a few little design elements to make them even better and I’ll offer them in a wider range of sizes. To this end I’ve been playing with three different spreadsheets to get the stitch counts just right.

Sandnes Mini Palett OnLine Supersocke Candy Color Mini Mochi

I’ve also been in search of the perfect yarn for the samples. These are some I’m looking at. A special yarn is being hand-painted for one of the sweaters. I had a great visit with Felicia of Sweet Georgia and she’s dying a new colourway that I’ll get to use. So excited to see it!

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  1. I have used that Mini Mochi in several projects and have just loved it. I have several skeins of the Supersocke, but haven’t tried them yet. And, is that first one Kureyon Sock? I have skeins of that I’ve never tried, too. Please let us know how you fare.

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