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Cake and knitting

This was the first time in three years I didn’t participate in the Knit-Out market as part of Victoria’s FibreFest celebrations. It’s always such a mad rush to squeeze everything into the car, hope for a spot on the ferry, live out of a hotel or on a friend’s couch and then hope for fair weather. Even when it doesn’t rain, the wind at Saxe Point Park always makes having a tent setup and display challenging. One year my tent actually became airborne while rain blew in sideways. It’s not fun taking damp yarn and patterns home afterwards.

This year we had a restful weekend and celebrated Father’s Day at home. I made the Dad in our household a decadent chocolate cake and we enjoyed some community spirit wandering along a Car-Free Main St.

Grand Opera 1 Grand Opera 2

I even got in a little knitting time which ironically never happens at the Knit-Out. I’ve been working on a lacy cardigan from the Holiday 2008 issue of Vogue Knitting. The yarn has a metallic thread that provides a little sparkle. I bought it at the massive Dressew yarn liquidation last year. I seem to be quickly going through my balls of yarn so I hope I don’t run out like I did with my last project using Dressew yarn since this one sold out almost immediately.

2 thoughts on “Cake and knitting”

  1. Looks like a nice project; I look forward to seeing how it looks completed.

    Car-free sounds like a fun thing. I’ve been thinking lately that I would like to see something like that on a monthly basis in the Seattle area….

  2. I remember the year that your tent almost blew away and all the rain and even the next year when I was there selling, there was so much wind. I haven’t been the last couple of years now. My life as a Mom has gotten way too busy at that time of the year!!!

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