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Creative Ennuie

What do you do to energize yourself and get your creative juices flowing? I’ve been completely uninspired lately. I’ll sit for long periods of time without knitting. This no knitting thing is kind of bizarre for me.

It’s not completely true that I don’t want to knit, because I do. I just can’t decide what to knit or more accurately, where I should focus my attention. So perhaps this is more of an issue of indecision.

May UFOs

I have been working on a few things lately—most of which are not finished. This pile of recent UFOs is a testament to that.

3 thoughts on “Creative Ennuie”

  1. When I get that sock pattern to you, I hope you’ll feel inspired to knit it up in some great appropriate colourway. And I had luck picking you merino/silk yarn at Urban today so I’ll be using it in Newfoundland to do another pair for your Dad.

  2. A walk in the fresh air is always good. Maybe take a look at what’s blooming at Buchart Gardens this week? How about a nap? A drive up to Whistler to take in the beauty? Visit a yarn shop? Read a book?

    Hope you enjoy your time off 🙂

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