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The knitter’s son

Louet Gems Pewter

Poor Devan, I rarely knit for him any longer. Long ago he outgrew my children’s patterns. So last summer I decided it was time to upsize one of my favourite sweaters for him—Avery. My pattern goes up to a size 4 and I’m resizing to an 8.

ribbing detail

I started on the corrugated ribbing last summer at Sock Summit and it drew lots of interest. Then the project languished: first there was our move, then Devan’s eighth birthday and Hallowe’en, there were other responsibilities and then it was Christmas.

Avery back

Occasionally I had time to come back to it but it really did take a back burner to other projects over the past several months.

Avery sleeve

Now that Devan’s 8 ½ yrs old and summer is fast approaching, it occurred to me that I need to get cracking if he’s going to have an opportunity to wear this sweater before he outgrows it. Does this ever happen to you?

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  1. All the time!!! I have a summer cardigan for Erika on the needles (since last spring/summer) and if I don’t finish it now…… well, same thing will happen.

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