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New Samples

I lost all my workshop samples during our move last Fall. I kept on hoping the bag of samples would turn up under a pile of boxes. No such luck.

So now I’m reknitting intarsia samples for my workshop this weekend with the West Coast Knitters’ Guild. I’m using some of the Nashua Handknits superwash that I picked up at Dressew and it’s behaving really nicely for intarsia.

Elsebeth Lavold Cool Wool

Earlier this week I  picked up some yarn at Three Bags Full for a new shop sample for them. Francesca emailed me to say they are now carrying a perfect 22 st to 4″ double knitting weight yarn by Elsebeth Lavold called Cool Wool. It’s a wool/cotton blend and I’ve just swatched with it so far, but I think it’s going to be wonderful for the Birthday Sweaters.

Four! Five! Six!

They chose purple and blue similar to the number four sweater I photographed for the pattern. This particular purple and blue is bringing up memories of some of the first yarn I knit with from my mother’s stash when I was about five or six years old. I’m going to enjoy knitting this sample.

I want to knit as much of this sweater as I can before the weekend to have on hand for a sample for the workshop. Today will be dedicated to knitting and Gangs of New York to keep me company. It will be fun to see the places in New York that I just visited depicted in an earlier century.