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Applied I-Cord

I took these pictures ages ago and they’ve been patiently waiting for me to write up a tutorial. I did a lot of experimenting with applied i-cord when I was designing the Ruby hoody. Because the i-cord is a contrasting colour to the hood, I wanted to make sure the wrong colour wasn’t poking through the i-cord when it was complete. Most of the ones I tried were messy. I finally found the one that I use in my designs. It neatly encases the selvage edge inside the i-cord tube.

I-Cord 1

Step 1: Start the same way you would for a regular i-cord. Using a double-pointed needle, cast on 4 sts. (As always, all photos can be clicked for a larger view.)

I-Cord 2

Step 2: Slide the sts to the end of the needle so that the first CO stitch is ready to be knit.

I-Cord 3

Step 3: With the working yarn coming from the 4th st on the needle and stretching behind the work, insert another dpn into the first st and knit.

Applied I-Cord 2

Step 4: (The next few photos show the i-cord already attached to the selvage, but the principal is the same.) Knit to the last stitch.

Applied I-Cord 3

Step 5: Slip the 4th st as if to knit.

Applied I-Cord 4

Step 6: Yarn over by bringing the working yarn to the front of the work.

Applied I-Cord 5 Applied I-Cord 6 Applied I-Cord 7

Step 7: To attach the i-cord to the selvage insert the knitting needle into the space between the first and second selvage sts, yarn around the needle and pull a loop through the selvage as if to knit. This is usually called “pick up and knit” in most knitting patterns. For the Ruby hoody, you’ll be picking up a st every other row on the hoody selvage.

Applied I-Cord 8 Applied I-Cord 9

Step 8: You now have 6 sts on your needle—it’s time to get rid of 2 sts. Pass the ‘yarn over’ st over the ‘pick up & knit’ st, then pass the slip st over the ‘pick up & knit st.’

Applied I-Cord 10

Step 9: You now have 4 sts on the needle and you’re ready to start over. Repeat Steps 2 through 8 until your applied i-cord is the length you need.

Ruby Taylor

Both Ruby and Taylor call for this applied i-cord edging and I think it’s really effective.

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