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Check Your Gauge!

Regia Pompon

You know, when I knit someone else’s design I always knit a gauge swatch. When I develop a new design myself, I always knit a gauge swatch. But when I knit one of my own designs using sock yarn I must confess, I never swatch.  Big mistake this time.

Pompom blocked

The little pompoms on the Regia sock yarn I’m using have thrown my gauge all out of whack. I didn’t notice until I went to block the sweater. It’s a full size bigger than I intended. Luckily the proportions are pretty good. I might have to add just a little length but that’s easily done. Little baby Jack won’t be able to wear this sweater for another year.

Pompom sleeves

The moral of the story? Always knit a gauge swatch–or at the very least, measure your gauge after you’ve knit a few inches so you can reevaluate and make corrections if necessary.