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The Big City

We’re headed off to New York later this month. It’s been 21 years since I was last there. I’m lining up all my favourite museums and areas of town to visit. I’m really excited; this is the first trip we’ve taken without Devan since he was born. Lucky Devan will have his Grandma staying with him for the week. I’m sure he’ll be perfectly spoiled by the time we’re back.

I know there are several yarn shops in Manhattan and I’m looking for feedback on the must sees. I probably won’t  have a chance to see them all–oddly that’s not Rod’s favourite activity.

I would also like to approach a couple shops about carrying my patterns and I’m looking to you for advice. Which shops do you think are a good fit? Which shops carry self-patterning sock yarn? Either email me (info at holliyeoh dot com) or post a comment.