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All Wrapped Up

I know, Christmas is long over, but I wanted to show you the gifts I knit for my two neices. I must confess, I was a little behind with my Christmas knitting and the girls finally got them for Chinese New Year.

knit gift

Chloë asked for gloves for Christmas and when her other aunt asked her what size, I suddenly felt very territorial. I (nicely) made it quite clear that this was my domain while I quickly whipped out a piece of paper and traced Chloë’s hand. While I was at it, I traced my older niece’s hand as well.

Chloe’s gloves

Chloë’s gloves were knit with remnants in my stash—a long discontinued Regia colourway paired with a heathery grey fingering weight (probably Pingouin Laine/Nylon).

Candace’s gloves

Candace’s gloves are knit with a Fleece Artist “mystery yarn” that I picked up at Birkeland Brothers. I think it’s the one with some seacell in it. I used my Guess Who? pattern for both pairs of gloves. I chose the size I needed based on the circumference of girls’ hands (Children’s 8+ for Chloë and Women’s small for Candace), but all the length measurements were dictated by the hand tracings.

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