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Collar Construction

I don’t knit for myself very often any longer. In part it’s because designing and the business takes much of my time. When I do knit for myself, I like to learn or try something new. It could be a new (to me) sweater construction. It could be to see how another designer writes patterns.

Miss BB by Bonne Marie of Chic Knits fulfills my multi-tasking needs. I’m learn something new, I’m evaluating another designer’s writing style and I get a sweater I can wear out of the project. It has a shawl collar that’s knit as part of the sweater fronts. The construction is quite interesting. Since I had to rip out and redo the collar, I photo documented its reconstruction.

Miss BB right

The collar is shaped, in part with short rows. The part of the collar that extends beyond the shoulder shaping is sewn to the back neck.

Miss BB collar1 Miss BB collar2 Miss BB collar3

The central cable that runs up the sweater back continues up the back of the collar joining the live sts from the collar sections of both sweater fronts. It’s similar to turning a heel. Cool. The ‘hole’ to one side of that central cable is where the edge of the collar is sewn to the back neck. The other side is already sewn closed.

I like this construction. Simple yet effective.

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