Knitterly Welcome

I bought a door mat from Lantern Moon when I was at Sock Summit. I know, it’s an odd thing to buy at a knitting retreat, but it has balls of yarn on it! When I got it to my hotel room, I quickly saw the error of my ways. It absolutely would not fit in my suitcase and it was too big for carry on. Oh dear!

Lantern Moon mat2

I met a lot of knitters from the lower mainland at Sock Summit, but only one who was driving. Karen was very sweet and although I had only just met her, I asked if she would be willing to drive my mat across the border. Yes!

Lantern Moon Mat3

Now, although we’re both in the lower mainland, Karen and I don’t live anywhere near one another. Recently Karen came into Vancouver to run an errand and she very generously delivered the mat right to my door. What a sweetheart!

Lantern Moon mat

Now my  new door mat has a place of honour in my studio in front of the sliding glass doors opening onto our deck. The perfect addition to our new house. Thanks Karen!

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