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Miss BB

I’ve discovered that if I don’t choose projects that will coordinate with my wardrobe, then I never wear them. Seems so obvious yet it took me years to figure that out! Do you have sweaters in your drawer that never see the light of day? There’s nothing really wrong with them, but somehow they just aren’t right?

Miss BB back

So now I choose functional sweaters in a colour that will match my clothes. It’s grey again. And it’s a cardigan again. Our new house is colder than our apartment was and I need to have something I can throw on to keep off the chill.

Miss BB by Chic Knits

Chic Knits and Miss BB fit the bill perfectly. It’s been a quick knit so far, except for the tiny problem of running out of yarn.

3 thoughts on “Miss BB”

  1. Lol. We’re both knitting grey sweaters. That’s funny. I’m thinking mine is for fall, winter, spring – an all round sweater. And I’ve now finished the front bands and have knit the shoulders together. Better write up the instructions before I forget what I did. Your knitting looks so smooth and and well knit. Love the look.

  2. any errors in Miss BB”s pattern? ? Re collar Row3 & 4 did you knit to the end of the row across shoulders? Please help. Thanks Eileen.

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