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To the rescue

I ran out of yarn and Heidi, by way of Ravelry came to the rescue. I’ve been knitting a Chicknits sweater for myself with some yarn I purchased at Dressew. I did calculate the yardage before purchasing the yarn, but I ran out anyway and Dressew has run out of the colour.

After trying friends and Guild members without any success, I posted a plea for help to a Dressew thread on Ravelry. Wow, such a quick response! Several people were willing to give up a ball of yarn!

extra ball

Heidi and I met up  a week or so ago and for the price of a muffin we made the exchange. It was win win for both of us. I’ve attached my new ball of yarn and I’m just working the final few rows.

Thanks so much Heidi for helping me out! You’re a life saver (well, a sweater saver at any rate).