The Next Generation

D crocheting

I’ve been busy this winter teaching fibre arts noon-hour programs to elementary school aged children. I taught two classes (knitting and crochet) at my son’s school and I picked up a crochet class at a new school, Emily Carr Elementary.

dpn L’s backpack

My knitting kids made a small backpack knit in the round. They did a fabulous job and the double-pointed needles barely fazed them!

Valentine’s envelope sweet heart

One of the crochet classes was called “Crochet a Valentine.” The kids crocheted Valentine’s envelopes and hearts. At the end of the first class, the child who was having the most difficulty picking up the new skill thrilled me by saying,

This is the best class ever! I love Fridays because of crocheting!

How gratifying is that?

This week I’m wrapping up the Emily Carr class and starting a new class at Devan’s school.