Holli Yeoh, techniques

Ruby Pocket – Part III

It’s time to join the top of the kangaroo pocket on the Ruby hoodie. This is very similar to a three-needle bind-off, without the binding off part.

pocket front 9

Once both the sweater front and the pocket front are knit to the appropriate height, knit across the sweater front row to the point where they are to be joined.

join pocket 1

With the wrong side of the pocket front facing the right side of the sweater front, hold the two needles parallel.

join pocket 2

Insert the knitting needle (the one with the stitches from the first part of the row for the sweater front) into the first stitch on both needles.

join pocket 3

Wrap the yarn around the needle and knit both of those stitches together.

join pocket 4

Continue in this manner knitting the next stitch from the pocket and the sweater front together until you run out of pocket stitches. Then knit the rest of the sweater front row.

join pocket 5

Continue on with the sweater front.