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Ruby Pocket – Part II

Time for another installment of the kangaroo pocket on the Ruby hoodie design. After the front of the sweater is knit up to about the armhole, pause and knit the front of the pocket.

divide pocket 11 pocket front 1

All the stitches are nicely being held on waste yarn. It’s time to slip them onto your knitting needle. The stitches slip more easily onto a smaller-sized needle.

I increase one stitch on each end of the first row of the pocket. This creates a seam allowance for the sides of the pocket. The extra stitches will disappear when the sides are sewn up. See this post for more information on seaming.

pocket front 2a pocket front 2b pocket front 3

Change to your larger knitting needle. Use a right slanting raised increase (RRI) at the beginning of the row. Insert the right-hand needle into the right side of the stitch in the row directly below the first stitch on your left-hand needle.

pocket front 4

Wrap your contrasting colour (pocket colour) yarn around your needle and knit the stitch—one stitch increased.

pocket front 5

Next, knit the first stitch on the left-hand needle and then continue across the row.

pocket front 6 pocket front 7b pocket front 7

At the end of the first pocket row, increase one more stitch by working a left-slanting raised increase. Insert the left-hand needle into the left side of the stitch, two rows directly below the last stitch on your right-hand needle.

pocket front 8

Knit into this stitch through the back loop—one stitch increased.

pocket front 9

Continue working the pocket front, following the directions until it’s time to join the pocket … detailed instructions in the next post!

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