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Out of Commission

I’ve done something to my rotator cuff and as a consequence, I can barely move my arm. It’s called ‘frozen shoulder’ which as a description doesn’t sound so bad. What the name doesn’t describe is the pain experienced when you forget and accidentally move the arm. Yeowch! It’s amazing how many minor movements we do that use our shoulder muscles. Needless to say, there will be no knitting for a while. Boo hoo.

Sivia demo Sivia’s hands

Especially sad because I’ve been organizing a weekend workshop with my friend, Sivia Harding for our Guild this weekend. No knitting for me, but I know I’ll absorb lots of information.

Stella Jane Christine Catherine

Tonight the workshop was based on Sivia’s River Rock Scarf design originally featured in No Sheep for You. There were a lot of beads and beautiful yarns in the class. Since I couldn’t knit, I went around taking pretty pictures.

Catherine2 Elizabeth Joan Sandra

2 thoughts on “Out of Commission”

  1. Sorry about your shoulder. My right shoulder was frozen once and my teenagers thought it was funny to change the car radio station to something they liked because I couldn’t reach it to change it back. That was 15 years ago and they still think it was funny. Silly kids!

    Hope you get better soon!


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