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Ruby Pocket—Part I

I can’t seem to get away from knitting Rubies! This one is knit with Smooshy by Dream in Color and Cherry Tree Hill’s Supersock Select.

For a long time I’ve been wanting to show you a tutorial for the pocket front on the Ruby sweater. I don’t like sewing my knitting together and this method avoids having to sew the pocket at the top and the bottom. Note: you may click on all the photos to see a larger image.

Divide Pocket

divide pocket 1

Knit to the point where you want the bottom of the pocket.

divide pocket 2 divide pocket 3 divide pocket 4

The first step is to work a ‘right raised increase’ (RRI). To do this, I like to rotate my work so I can see the stitches at the back of the needle. I pick up the purl bump at the base of the next stitch on my left-hand needle–it’s the highlighted stitch in the middle photo. Insert your right-hand needle as if to knit) into that stitch.

divide pocket 5 divide pocket 6

Rotate your work so you’re looking at the front again and knit that stitch. RRI completed.

divide pocket 7

Now use your tapestry needle which is threaded with some contrasting, smooth yarn to be used as waste yarn. Insert the tapestry needle into the next stitch on your left-hand needle as if to purl.

divide pocket 8

Pull the tapestry needle through the stitch and drop the stitch off the end of your knitting needle. The stitch is held on the waste yarn. These waste yarn stitches will be worked later to become the pocket front.

divide pocket 9 divide pocket 10

Repeat the RRI and slipped stitch steps until you have worked all the pocket stitches for the divided pocket.

divide pocket 11

Continue to work the front of the sweater in stocking stitch.

Next time I’ll have a tutorial for joining the top of the pocket.

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