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More Skulls

Hallowe’en is a big deal around here; especially because Devan’s birthday is just two days before. It gets busy with parties and baking and events that all need to be fit in. This year I think I baked two birthday cakes (for separate parties), a batch of birthday cupcakes to share with classmates, and more cupcakes for the annual charity bake sale at Rod’s office.


Just to add to the stress level a little, I decided to crochet these adorable little felted skulls for the kids goody bags for Devan’s birthday party. They were really a quick little project. I crocheted seven of them out of a ball of Paton’s Classic Wool (with plenty left over) from my stash.


Classic Wool felts wonderfully, but it was an experiment to see if our new front loading washing machine would do the job. I threw them in a pillowcase tied off with an elastic band and included them in with our sheets. I used the “sanitize” cycle which is scalding hot. Seemed to do the trick. For good measure I put them through with another load (towels this time) and then reshaped them and set them out to dry.


The kids loved them. At school this week, I saw one of them dangling from a parent’s purse as a decoration. I heard later that she and her daughter were “fighting” over who gets it. Another parent asked if I had made skulls for the parents too.