Sock Monkey

monkey 1 monkey 2 monkey 3 monkey 4

My little monkey dressed up as a sock monkey for Hallowe’en today at school. I have to admit, I’m really proud of his costume. I made it out of seven pairs of work socks and I got the idea at Instructables. The instructions were for an 18-month old, so sizing up was a necessity. I had fun using the heels of the socks for the knees and elbows.

sock monkey

To finish off the costume I made a little vest and bow tie out of plaid taffeta.

my sock monkeys sockey

Because Devan wasn’t all that familiar with sock monkeys, I made him his own sock monkey out of another pair of socks. He’s rather literal when he names his stuffed animals. This one is Sockey and he’s waving hello.

We heard all sorts of wonderful comments today at school like, “Look, it’s a sock monkey! Oh my God, he’s so cute!” What mother doesn’t love hearing comments like that! One person assumed that I knit the whole costume. Can you imagine how long that would take?!

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  1. My lucky grandson who has a mother who likes Halloween as much as he does unlike her mother who never did. A costume that cute should improve the candy stash on Halloween night.

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